Genate Nutrition supports your patients’ nutritional needs even in the presence of metabolic challenges. 

  • 30 years of NIH-funded precision nutrition research has established that prenatal and postpartum nutrition needs can vary due to common genetic variants called SNPs. The combination of genetically-caused metabolic inefficiencies and low dietary nutrient intake can lead to deficiencies that impact maternal health, fetal development, and pregnancy outcomes.
  • The Genate Test was developed by a team led by Steven Zeisel MD, PhD, a leading researcher in this field, to identify SNPs that significantly impact one-carbon nutrients and omega-3 fats needed for fetal and neonatal cognitive development, as well as nine other vitamins and minerals critical for a healthy pregnancy
  • Precision nutrition recommendations offered by Genate are the future standard of excellence in prenatal nutrition care, and genetic testing is the only way to provide recommendations targeted to each patient’s genotype.

Extend Your Womens’ Health Practice With Nutrigenetics

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Three Ways to Partner

REFER and Receive a 15% counseling commission for each of your patients and also provide a 10% site-wide patient discount to your patients.

Obtain Digital Links and Product Images for your Patients. Access Practitioner Portal to view and download Genate reports in a compliant environment 

Genate is fully integrated with Fullscript. Genetic Tests can be purchased from a dedicated portal and test results and draft treatment plans can support your nutrition recommendations.  Genate Test Referrals provide a counseling commission.


Obtain Digital Links that provide your patients with discounts and access our HIPAA compliant  Practitioner Portal to view and download Genate reports 

Revolutionizing Prenatal Nutrition with Precision Gene-Guided Nutrition

  • Genate is the only brand using an evidence-based, gene-guided precision approach to prenatal nutrition. 
  • Current national nutrition recommendations cover the minimum needs for women in various age groups and life stages, but don’t take into account individual differences in metabolism. These differences can be significant depending on a person’s genotype. 
  • Nutrient supplementation targeted to women with specific SNPs positively affects the following outcomes: 
  •       Fetal and pediatric cognitive development
  •       Fetal weight gain 
  •       Postpartum mood and recovery
  •       Maternal preeclampsia 
  •       Length of gestation

From Nutrition Research to Advanced Genetic Algorithms
From Nutrition Research to Advanced Genetic Algorithms
One Carbon Pathways and Genetic Variation
Common genetic variants addressed by the Genate Test

  • PEMT, CHK, and SLC44A1: Phosphatidylcholine and choline synthesis
  • MTHFR and MTHFD1: Folate and choline metabolism
  • MTR and BHMT: DNA methylation
  • CHDH: Choline and betaine metabolism
  • PNPLA3, APOC3, FADS2, and SCD: Fatty acid metabolism
  • One-carbon metabolism is the primary focus of the Genate Test due its role in neural tube, brain, and nervous system development, DNA methylation, homocysteine metabolism, and postpartum recovery.
  • Each patient’s Genate Test and Report provide information on the SNPs identified and their impact on metabolism of the following nutrients: choline, folate, DHA, betaine, A, B6, B12, C, D, K, riboflavin, calcium, iron, and magnesium. 

One Carbon Pathways and Genetic Variation
Leverage Nutrigenetics to Enhance Your Practice

  • Genate is the first prenatal nutrition brand to provide an evidence-backed nutrition program to support women based on their genetics 
  • By joining our practitioner network you will be at the forefront of the application of gene-guided precision nutrition in professional practice

Cognitive benefits of one-carbon nutrition 

Children born to mothers with higher serum choline levels have faster cognitive processing speeds, improved memory retention, less social withdrawal behaviors, and a lower risk of neural tube defects. 

(Korsmo HW, Jiang X, Caudill MW. Choline: Exploring the Growing Science on Its Benefits for Moms and Babies. Nutrients. 2019;11(8):1823.

Maternal supplementation with choline at roughly twice the recommended intake in the third trimester of pregnancy results in offspring who score higher on cognitive tests from 4 months to 7 years of age. 

(Bahnfleth CL, Strupp BJ, Caudill MA, Canfield RL. Prenatal choline supplementation improves child sustained attention: A 7-year follow-up of a randomized controlled feeding trial. FASEB J. 2022;36(1):e22054.

Greater than 70% of women share a genetic variant that affects the efficiency of endogenous choline synthesis while many other women also have difficulty metabolizing dietary choline.  

Prenatal Vitamins
From Nutrition Research to Advanced Genetic Algorithms

The Genate Test, uses a proprietary algorithm to assess over 300 SNPs in 5 critical metabolic pathways including:       

     Phosphatidylcholine Synthesis, 

     Choline Metabolism, 


     Methylfolate metabolism and 

     Fatty Acid Metabolism. 

The Genate Report provides a personal genetic profile score to each of your patients with low, medium, and high risk for nutritional deficiencies and abnormalities in each one-carbon metabolic pathway tested. 

Nutrition recommendations for pregnancy assess individual differences in the metabolism and synthesis of one-carbon nutrients such as folate, choline, betaine, and methionine, as well as for the essential fatty acid DHA. Each of these compounds plays a critical role in neurocognitive development, and the effects of maternal nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding can impact a child’s brain function for at least 7 years after birth.

One Carbon Pathways and Genetic Variation
Leverage Nutrigenetics to Enhance Your Practice

  • Genate will provide you with educational resources to support your Genate Test-based nutrition recommendations as well as online training to support your education in nutrigenetics and prenatal health
  • Who can apply? Health practitioners and health educators specializing in women’s health

About Our Founder, Dr. Steven Zeisel

Steven Zeisel, MD, PhD is a Professor in Nutrition and Pediatrics, the Founding Director of the University of North Carolina's Nutrition Research Institute and a world-renowned scientist.

Dr. Zeisel has advanced our knowledge regarding gene misspellings and how they alter dietary requirements. He is internationally recognized for his research in nutrigenetics, nutrient requirements and has proven that humans require choline to maintain their health.

Based on his research, the US Institute of Medicine set a dietary requirement for choline and the American Academy of Pediatrics defined the need for choline in developing healthy brains.

He has authored more than 350 scientific publications, and his research has been supported by over $16 M grants from the US National Institutes of Health. He also serves on the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Journal editorial board.

Dr. Zeisel earned his MD from Harvard Medical School, was a resident in pediatrics at Yale University, and earned his PhD in nutrition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

We’re passionate about improving human health through precision nutrition – helping moms make personalized, proactive decisions to positively impact their prenatal journey.

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