Nutrition Testing For Your Little One, Before They Get Here

Many moms focus on their baby's health once they're crawling around the house, but planning for their nutrition actually starts well before the big day gets here.

That's why we developed The Genate Test.

Our test helps an expecting mom understand her nutritional deficiencies which are caused by her own genes - giving her the information she needs before her baby arrives to develop a customized plan for a happier, healthier pregnancy.

Test results are designed to help understand if baby is getting everything they need for proper brain and cognitive development - and provides recommendations for how to overcome genetic inefficiencies.

The Genate Test is perfect for any expecting mom,

whether it's your first pregnancy - or you've already got a few little ones at home with you.

How the Genate Test works

The test helps you take action to make sure you are doing all you can to give your baby what they need.

1. Take the test at home

Take the test from the comfort and convenience of your own home with our simple, saliva-based test.

2. Receive your Precision Nutrition Report

Review your personal action plan in a detailed report to manage your pre-natal nutritional requirements.

3. Overcome nutritional challenges

Use these tests results - either on your own or in partnership with your doctor or nutritionist - to create a custom nutrition plan for a healthier pregnancy, uniquely tailored for you and your baby.

Why should The Genate Test be a part of your pregnancy nutrition planning?

The Genate Test is a cutting-edge genetic test designed to analyze the metabolism of critical nutrients important for the brain and cognitive development of your baby. The test measures genetic misspellings (also referred to as SNPs) that prevent you from metabolizing the important nutrients your baby needs.

More than 70% of pregnant women face nutritional challenges caused by their own genes.

The good news: most nutritional challenges are easily corrected, thus allowing your baby to get the nutrition he or she needs to thrive – regardless of your own unique genotype. With The Genate Test, you’ll not only find out what nutrients (if any) are lacking, you’ll get a full report on what to do about it.

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Experience. Care. Innovation.

The Genate Test is fast and easy-to-do. Developed from academic research and cutting-edge DNA research, the results can have a majorpositive impact of your developing child's entire life.

The Genate Scientific Advisory Team

The Genate Test was developed by SNP Theraputics - a Genetic Testing company focused solely on Precision Nutrition

  • Steven Zeisel, MD, PhD

    Founding Director of the University of North Carolina’s Nutrition Research Institute, a world-renowned scientist and a Kenan Distinguished University Professor in Nutrition and Pediatrics. Dr. Zeisel is a consultant to the NIH in the area of Precision Nutrition and serves on the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)

  • Camille Hoffman, MD, MSCS

    Fellowship Director & Associate Professor, Maternal Fetal Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Co-author: “Maternal Mental Health: Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Guidelines”

  • John Thorpe, MD

    McAllister Distinguished Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Division Director for Women’s Primary Healthcare. He is also a Professor at UNC Chapel Hill, of Maternal and Child Health in the School of Public Health.

  • Isis Trujillo-Gonzalez, PhD

    Isis Trujillo-Gonzalez, Ph.D., is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Nutrition Research Institute (NRI). She has published research studying nutrition and brain health.

  • Daniel McDyer, MD

    Board certified and member of the American College of OB/GYN, the Florida Medical Association and the Duval County Medical Society. He has been a member of the Clinical Governance Board of Florida Woman Care since 2013, past chair of Section 2 for ACOG District 12.

Not just answers, peace of mind

“Knowing your own genetic makeup can have a profound impact on your child’s future. With The Genate Test results in hand, you can, with real precision, overcome certain nutritional challenges caused by your genes. And that – given the life-long ramifications for your child’s future health – is huge.

Steven Zeisel, MD, PhD


Who exactly should take The Genate Test? And why?

Any woman thinking about getting pregnant, currently pregnant or currently breast-feeding, should consider The Genate Test. Why: as a way to make sure your baby is getting the nutrition they need to thrive and nutrients that are criitical to brain and cognitive development – now and for the rest of his or her life.

Is The Genate Test unique? Are there other tests that do the same thing?

The Genate Test was developed from extensive academic research and is the most complete prenatal genetic test currently available for women seeking to understand the important ingredients needed for best-case prenatal nutrition: 1-carbon / fatty acid nutrition metabolism.

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What exactly does The Genate Test test?

The Genate Test focuses on One Carbon and Fatty Acid Metabolism and tells you what you need to know about your genes and if they are working properly. Specifically, many women have difficulty either producing or metabolizing the critical nutrients every baby needs for overall growth and cognitive (brain) potential. Genetic testing is the only way to know for sure and if your genes are providing these critical nutrients, or falling short. Should test results reveal that your genes are impacting your metabolism of these nutrients. You can take action, and enjoy real peace of mind, by following the recommendations contained in The Genate Report. It’s easy, it’s accurate, and it’s all about you.

How Do I take The Genate Test?

The Genate Test is a saliva-based test you can take at home in minutes. If you can swab your mouth with the Genate Swab Saliva Collection Device, and then return your bio-sample to SNP Therapeutics in the postage-paid box included, you are good to go. Results arrive in about a week to 10 days.

What are the benefits of my baby getting the proper nutrients?

Research has confirmed that proper nutrition is critical for the growth and development of your developing baby. In other words, how well your genes do or do not metabolize nutrients is critical for overall development, including brain and spinal cord development – now and throughout your child’s life. As a soon-to-be mom looking out for her child before he or she is even born (which we applaud), one of your first jobs is getting smart about things like nutrition. And getting smart is what The Genate Test can do for you, quickly, easily and with absolute precision.

What are One Carbon and Fatty Acid Nutrients and why are they important?

One Carbon and Fatty Acid nutrients are critical for brain and spinal cord development of a developing baby. Recent Research at Cornell and Harvard University has shown cognitive benefits for school aged children when women have received adequate servings of high concentrations of these nutrients during pregnancy. Although all nutrition is important, this collection of nutrition that includes Choline, Folate, Betaine, B-12, Omega-3 DHA and Oleic Acid provide the building blocks that can help you improve your developing baby's brain and cognitive capacity. They can literally help you build a smarter baby.

What are SNPs and what is their role in Metabolism?

SNPs (pronounced snips) are common misspellings in your genes. SNPs in genes that regulate how your body processes and shares nutrients with your developing baby, might be partially or fully turned off. This can lead to nutrients being depleted, or your baby not getting enough of what they need.

What's the best time to take this test?

The best time to take The Genate Test is before you are planning to get pregnant, 3-6 months prior to conception, and before you have started taking a pre-natal vitamin. Having said that, The Genate Test can be taken anytime you want to understand how your genes affect the metabolism of key nutrients important for your baby's development. This could be in any tri-mester of pregnancy or even while breastfeeding.

Are my test results private?

Your test results are 100% private. Unless you have decided to share your results with a healthcare provider, the only person to see your results will be you. We are looking to build the next generation of pre-natal nutrition that is based on Mom's genetics. If you opt-in to allow your de-identified data to be used for research purposes, we may share your results, but only with your approval, never with your personal information and never your DNA. Our registration process will give you full control over the use of your data for research

Should I share my results with my physician?

Absolutely, we encourage you to share this report with your OB/GYN, PA/NP, your Nurse Midwife, Nutritionist or anyone else that is caring for you and your special delivery

The Genate Test is about responsible parenting.

(Go ahead and pat yourself on the back.)