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Advanced Omega-3 DHA

Our Advanced Omega 3-DHA is essential for proper brain and eye development during pregnancy and early life.

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Advanced Phosphatidylcholine

Our Phosphatidylcholine is vital for liver health and fat metabolism. It's needed in high amounts during pregnancy to support the development of your baby’s brain and spinal cord, cell membranes, nervous system, and DNA.

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Genate Essential Prenatal Multivitamin

Our Essential Prenatal Multivitamin gives you and your baby the foundational nutrients for optimal health and development.

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Genate Test

The first test to offer precise, DNA-based nutrition recommendations for your baby’s growth and development. 


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The Science Behind the Genate Test

Prenatal nutrition isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Learn how your unique genetic makeup can guide your dietary choices, ensuring you and your baby receive exactly what's needed, with the Genate Test.

  • What are SNPs
  • The Genate Test
  • Test + Essential Prenatal Nutrition Bundle

SNPs are variants that can change the way a gene functions (plural, pronounced Snips).

One carbon nutrients and fatty acids are particularly important during pregnancy to ensure proper fetal growth including brain development.

Genes regulating nutrient metabolism may have SNPs that can lead to reduced nutrient metabolic flow.

These nutrients are critical building blocks for supporting healthy fetal development.

The Genate Test

Our team, led by physicians and nutrition experts, has developed the Genate Test, a groundbreaking prenatal screening tool.

By analyzing your genes for key nutrient pathways and identifying any variations known as SNPs, the Genate Test offers personalized recommendations for optimal prenatal nutrition. Armed with actionable insights, you can tailor your diet and supplements to support your baby’s health effectively.

Day 1

Buy the Genate Test + Essential Prenatal Nutrition Subscription and get a test kit plus a free 30-day supply of Essential Prenatal Nutrition.

Review Report

Review your Genate Report to learn how your genes are impacting your metabolism.

Day 30

Subscription starts; your card will be charged for a 90-day supply of Essential Prenatal Nutrition upon shipping.

Personalize Nutrition 

Use your Genate Test results for personalized prenatal vitamins or dietitian counseling, including supplements and meal plans.

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