About Us


Advancing Human Health Through Genetics

Our mission is to improve human health through precision nutrition.

We believe that gene guided precision nutrition will advance the value of nutritional therapies to improve human health.   By using genetic testing, SNP Therapeutics seeks to identify sub-populations who can best benefit from nutritional therapies to address their health.   

We believe that the value of nutrition to address health and wellness is greatly enhanced when people are empowered to make proactive personalized decisions through comprehensive genetic testing. 

Our continued research and innovation in genetics will lead to discoveries in human metabolism to support our mission to improve human health, enabling new therapeutic options that unlock the potential of gene guided precision nutrition.

Decades of experience in academic clinical research makes SNP Therapeutics experts in providing genetic tests and nutrition education to consumers and healthcare practitioners.

About the Genate Test

The Genate Test exists to provide women with important information regarding their genetics and how certain variations in genes can affect their ability to metabolize One Carbon and Fatty Acid nutrients critical to developing babies. Women who understand their metabolic inefficiencies can address them to insure their developing child is getting the nutrition they need to support their healthy cognitive development.


We value your Privacy

To provide genetic test reports and information, SNP Therapeutics will require your consent to collect a bio-sample of your DNA and process it through our CLIA certified partner genomic laboratory. 



We maintain your privacy every step of the way.  

Our proprietary SNPhubTM Genetics Platform has been built to process your genetic sample and provide reports through our password protected portal safely and securely.  SNPhub™ is SNP Therapeutics Secure Data platform.  It maintains the strictest security procedures and practices available to protect genetic data against unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure.  We use the latest in encryption technologies and database strategies to ensure that your personal information and genetic information is kept private.  Your genetic data will be transferred to SNPhub™ via a secure encrypted channel and the data will be stored within SNPhub™ as de-identified data. De-identified data means that we do not store your genetic data with your name or address attached to it. Your bio-sample will be held for 30 days based on CLIA guidelines and will be destroyed and not stored by SNP Therapeutics or our partner companies.

Your genetic data will be processed via The Genate Test algorithm and will provide you with a report regarding your potential risk for metabolic inefficiencies that can cause depletions in important nutrients.  The report will be shared with you via a secure password protected portal.  This access will not be shared with anyone without your password including employees of SNP Therapeutics, healthcare providers, insurance companies or law enforcement agents without your consent or the demand of a court order.  We highly recommend sharing this report with your personal healthcare provider or nutritionist.