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Our team of health experts understands the critical importance of nutrition for your baby's development, so we've designed the Essential Prenatal+DHA with nutrients that are well-tolerated and absorbed for optimal use in the body. Genetic research shows that many of these nutrients are lacking in women's diets and are difficult to metabolize due to common genetic misspellings.

  • 21 Nutrients: Including the one-carbon nutrients choline, betaine, folate, and vitamin B12, needed by your baby for DNA formation and development of their brain, neural tube, and cell membranes
  • Methylfolate: The active form of folate for optimal absorption
  • Choline: More than any other prenatal multivitamin for brain and nervous system development
  • Betaine: For DNA methylation, heart and liver health
  • DHA: For brain and eye development
  • Calcium: To support strong bones and teeth for mom and baby
  • Iron: As iron bis-glycinate for better tolerance, enhanced energy levels, and blood production
  • Antioxidants: To promote a strong immune system
  • Probiotics: The only prenatal multivitamin with probiotics for regularity and gut health
  • Fresh Mint Scent


Genate Essential Prenatal

Genate Essential Prenatal

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